365 project (week 9)


9 weeks into this 365 photography project I’ve found it difficult to stay accountable and stick to taking pictures everyday. Sometimes I feel under the weather, sometimes I forget to take my camera out…. and the list of excuses goes on

So I’ve decided to post them here to try and help me accountable.

But oh! Before that…. some good news!! I finally got a new camera- It’s nowhere near professional and would even be considered a total beginner/ photography noob’s camera but I think I’ll have a good time shooting with it. Honestly, I wasn’t really on board with buying such a rookie camera since I wanted to upgrade to better ones and further hone photography skills. However this really packs a punch it’ll suffice. Who says that you can’t take good pictures with a cheaper, less professional camera? It’s all down to the photographer’s skills.

The Canon 200D is an entry-level camera that has loads of step by step instructions built into the interface so it can certainly help beginners achieve their desired photographic effect. (certainly I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner? However there’s still so much that I could improve on in regards to photographic skill, composition and lighting.) I find it rather hard to play with light in photos. I should experiment more.

(I’ve been using a really old Canon 400D before the replacement. haha.)

behold, week 9 of this (not so 365) 365 photography challenge.


Honestly I’m amazed with the picture quality and how crisp the images are with the 200D!

palm leaf


taken by my brother


tai kwun




street in MongKok



HK Travel day (Yim Tin Tsai, Tai Kwun)


[6th June, 2018]

So this Sunday I became a tourist in my hometown- We went to Yim Tin Tsai in Sai Kung, alllllll the way back to Central (to visit the newly opened Tai Kwun previously known as Central Police Station) It was awfully sunny, but what a trip! It’s always nice to be surrounded by nature. I’m glad we went hiking on Sunday, because the weather has been absolutely horrendous since Monday… pouring rain isn’t particularly enjoyable when you’re outdoors. There’s a typhoon passing by today I think. Boo.

I’m quite upset over the fact that my camera is slowly disintegrating- I tried using my 70-120mm lens on my camera, and the autofocus function didn’t work. I had to focus manually, which was a while new thing to learn. I’ve been so reliant on auto focus I hadn’t really learnt to use my camera manually. well now I got the chance to do so.

Some new pictures to add to my 365 project:


(I’m pretty proud of producing these shots with manual focus!)

First post! Hello world!

blog posts

how should I start this off?

Hello! I’m Chivon Cheung from Hong Kong, and I’m 17. You can call me Chivon, or Sio. I recently finished my HKDSE (woohoo!) and as a result I have loads of free time on my hands. (for those of you who don’t know, that’s the local public exam- the rough equivalent of the IB and A-Levels exams.)

I hate being idle.

So I’ve decided to start this blog. Well honestly I was planning on posting earlier, when I started my project 365 (I’ll explain that in another post, haha.) but WordPress was a bit complicated to use. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it now! Mostly. Still struggling to understand how to customize the colors on this website… however I’m mostly confident enough to finally start blogging!

This blog will mostly feature my photography, occasional random musings, or even general life updates from me. If you’re interested. I’m still fairly new to this.

I don’t exactly know how to do introductions, so there it is. A hello from me to you all! If I get any people reading my blog anyways. I’ll try to update and keep you guys posted as much as I can… let’s see how much determination I actually have to commit to this blog. Hopefully I’ll follow through with this.

hmm… signing off for now! thanks for reading ❤

(ps. reach me @chivon_cheung on Instagram! that’s where I’m most active these days. haha.)


Chivon xxx

29th May, 2018